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Film Professional

Mary Jane Heath





Mary Jane Heath  
Mary Jane Heath is a seasoned professional in the film and entertainment industry. She is a Script/Continuity Supervisor, Production Coordinator, Writer and an Actress. Her experience includes feature films, short films, infomercials, commercials and theater. Mary Jane is energetic, motivated and detailed. She also worked with locations, set design, costuming, product placement, directing, casting and talent wrangling. She developed her own style of script supervising, that is outstanding.

When it comes to characters, she has a wide range of ages, emotions, experiences and intensity. Her expertise has been formulated from working with international projects as well as local entities. Listening to what is said when the talent leaves the set has been a great learning tool.

Mary Jane has won several awards including; Best Actress of a PSA, Best Supporting Actress, Best Female Voice-over, Best Writer and Best Set Design. She resides in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. She also has a current passport and can travel to out-of-country locations on a relatively short notice.

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